Online work with minimal to no experience required

Many people don't necessarily look for their ideal career every day. Maybe you're just looking for a work that gives you some flexibility and money while you look for a full-time position when you're ready. Or perhaps you're seeking for ways to supplement your income from your day job without getting a degree or additional qualifications. To fill those needs, there are numerous online positions available that require little to no experience.

There are a number of possibilities to think over, regardless of the reason you might be interested in an online career. The chances are strong that you have transferable abilities from prior work that will help you find a position, while some may require a little relevant work experience.


Online mock juror

In order to prepare for court, many attorneys use fake juries. Mock juries conducted online are less expensive than those conducted in person. As a result, legal firms frequently use online jury services, which pay each juror somewhere between $10 and $70.

You must fill out a thorough profile when you sign up to serve as a juror because attorneys only select jurors who meet a very particular set of criteria to support their causes. Join different jury firms to increase your chance of selection. Juror services are offered to attorneys by online verdict and eJury, and registration is free.


Either a virtual or office assistant

In order to support many of the jobs an in-person assistant does, smaller businesses and entrepreneurs typically employ administrative and virtual assistants. They frequently take calls, reply to emails, enter data, file and keep records, set up meetings and appointments, and plan travel.

Some businesses, like Servcorp, provide its clients with business services including meeting places and virtual offices. These businesses also use virtual assistants to assist their customers. Other businesses, such as Time, act as a staffing firm to place virtual assistants with businesses.


As the name implies, proofreaders check text for businesses to make sure it is grammatically correct and free of errors. Before being hired, you might need to pass a proofreading test or have some relevant work experience.

Proofreaders are regularly employed by writing and marketing companies to check information before it is delivered to the client. Proofreaders are given projects with deadlines, and as long as they complete the work by the deadline, they are free to work on their own schedule and outside of regular business hours if they like. Payment is frequently made per work rather than per hour.

Coordinator of social media

An organization's social media updates are scheduled and published online by a social media coordinator on sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google My Business. They occasionally assist with managing blog entries as well. A social media coordinator may, depending on the business, compose the text that goes with social media posts and reply to queries and remarks sent on the company's social media pages and through social media messaging services.

Coordinators of social media are employed by businesses of various sizes and types. You'll probably need to show that you understand the best practices for social networking. Additionally, some prior work experience can be required.

Online survey respondent

Through the use of surveys, many businesses perform online research. They occasionally pay folks who complete the surveys, so they require willing volunteers. If you match the requirements for the study topic, websites like Surveyjunkie.com and findpaidfocusgroup.com will pay you for your participation.