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FindPaidFocusGroup.com is a real-time information network that connects individuals with the latest information about upcoming studies recruiting near them. Simply visit your city's upcoming studies page to find up-to-date information about the latest research studies.

At the heart of FindPaidFocusGroup.com are short "posts" made by research facilities throughout the country. Each post provides a short description of an upcoming research study, along with relevant information including study description, compensation, and how to apply. Companies use these "posts" to recruit participants to fill empty spots in their upcoming research studies.

At FindPaidFocusGroup.com

we make your voice heard and Harder. By joining Us And Our Community, Dear you will be connected up-to-the-minute information regarding paid studies and recruiting in your community.
Begin sharing your opinions with us today and you can earn cash, rewards, and more and more,
all while making a difference in your local community!
Company Overview
Local Studies is a nationwide research community that works to connect Participant passionate individuals with information about paid market research studies and Survey recruiting in your city and community.
By joining our community you will quickly learn about upcoming studies and from a hundred independent companies and Organizations that are conducting a paid survey and market research studies,and taste tests, and clinical trials in your area. learn about upcoming studies that pay $50, $100 or more!

You don't have to login to get value from FindPaidFocusGroup.com

You don't have to sign up for a free account to enjoy FindPaidFocusGroup.com. Whether you visit 10 times a day or never, you still have access to our "Free Stuff" and "Facilities" sections, both of which are accessible without logging into your account. On our 'Free Stuff' page, you'll be provided with one new offer each day. These free offers typically provide you with a free sample of a new product in hopes of getting you to try the product or offer your feedback, both of which, are optional. On our 'Facilities' page, you'll be able to search for local research facilities that conduct upcoming studies in your area. Included with each company description will be a link to the company's corporate website, which will allow you to learn more about each facility and sign up directly with each facility to receive additional updates each week.