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A nationwide online market research company is looking for males and females for an upcoming study

Age 18+ for their upcoming online focus group on mobile phones.

A nationwide online market research company is looking for males and females for an upcoming study

Age 18+ for their upcoming online focus group on Family History.


Market research is the study of consumer opinions and occurs because companies throughout the country are interested in learning what ordinary consumers think about their products and services. These companies routinely hire independent market research facilities to determine how consumers perceive topics including current products, upcoming products, products in-development, and brand image.

How I Get Paid From Focus Groups

After effectively finishing your Paid Focus Group, you will be paid by the market research company that is facilitating the focus group. Either Visa gift Card Or By Check.
A focus group is a form of paid market research. Where People answer different question and discussion about that focus group product or topic. A focus group is a market research technique where different people together and provide feedback. focus group are also used for marketing campaign.
Most market research facilities do NOT contact individuals that do not appear to qualify for an upcoming study. Please be aware that these companies do not wish to waste your valuable time informing you if you do not appear to qualify. Unfortunately, our company, FindPaidFocusGroup, does not have any control about whether or not the company will inform you if you do not appear to qualify. However, if you do appear to qualify, a representative from the company that is hosting the study will typically contact you via phone (within 1-5 business days of when you submit the pre-screener).
Individuals that fill out a pre-screener for a specific study are selected based on a number of different criteria. The criteria, however, will vary from company to company. Either way, companies are always looking for individuals from a variety of races, ages, and ethnicities that are comfortable sharing their opinions.
On our website, independent companies are able to post information about a wide range of upcoming market research studies, which include: focus groups, surveys, research panels, taste tests, mystery shopping, and clinical trials. Below is a short description of each type of study.
There are two main ways that you can increase your chances of qualifying to participate in an upcoming study.
First, we encourage you to join our database. Individuals that join our database will receive updates each week with information about upcoming studies, in addition to personalized invitations to participate in high paying studies in your area.

Second, we encourage you to visit the ‘current studies’ page periodically and apply to participate in all applicable studies by filling out the associated pre-screeners. By filling out the pre-screeners asap, you’ll increase your chances of qualifying to participate by ensuring that the correct market research facility receives your information promptly (and prior to receiving information from other participants).

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